The Largest Home Marquee You Can Buy: A Party Pavilion

Family gathering is an exciting event that everyone is looking forward to particularly since you will be having guests from distance areas. You are set on making your plans but having this party in a hotel or special venue can often become costly. There are alternatives though; you can hold this in a venue like in your backyard if you have an available space. But in such cases, you must always consider the comfort of your guests, the weather and the heat of the sun. These conditions cannot be foreseen while still in the planning stage. And with the sudden changes in the climate, it is best to be cautious to include considerations for anything that can jeopardize the success of the event.

What is the specification for the marquee?
For a gathering like this you will need to buy marquee that is of the biggest or largest size so that you can accommodate many people. A party pavilion is the ideal size for your marquee. It is made of high quality tarpaulin that is certified fire-proof and a PVC material. The roof canopy is a one piece which is best for stability. While its side part; it contains wind deflector on the bottom portion. Its construction part is made of galvanized steel pipe with 33 millimeter of diameter and 42 millimeter in diameter for its connectors. All connections are bolted which is ideal to withstand heavy stress loads while eases the assembly activity.

What about the side panels?
The side panels give the user flexibility when use, these are interlocking with each other through the use of heavy duty zips giving the user the choices to use all of the side panels, or not to use any of the side panels, or just a few of these at a time. Likewise, its sidewalls are integrated with wind deflectors too for a best acclimatization.

With the marquee everything you need is right in the box, from the assembly manual to the pegs and the guy ropes that will secure it to the ground thus giving you an easy to assemble product that will bring the party to new heights.