Eye Drops

Are All Eye Drops Basically The Same?

Taking care of the eyes is as important as caring for the rest of the body. The eyes are fundamental to all our activities and it’s very difficult to function without them. Therefore, caring for the eyes is synonymous with caring for the entire body and for the future experiences that you’re about to have.

There are many ways to care for, protect, and maintain eye health. It’s important that the eyes do not get exposed to too much ultraviolet rays coming from the sun, thus the use of sunglasses. Also, people may want to lessen screen time because too much exposure to the radiation coming from electronic devices can contribute to eye damage. And of course, there’s the recommendation of having a proper and healthy diet that involves incorporating eye-friendly vegetables in meals.

Eye Drops and What They Do?
While there are many tips and recommendations on how to care for the eyes, there are also products used to maintain eye health. Eye drops are one of the many medications available for people with eye issues and they’re usually used for symptoms of dry eyes. But did you know that there’s not only one kind of it? It’s fascinating to know that not all eye drops are the same in the way they work and what they’re supposed to do.

  • Artificial tears. These kinds of eye drops are the most common and widely available in the market. It can be purchased online and even over the counter. Essentially, they work like tears which function to keep the eyes moisturized and ease the pain brought by dry eyes.
  • The eyes are prone to many infections because they’re open for the most part (unless the eyelids blink, of course). Cyclosporine helps in treating the infections responsible for causing dry eyes. Unlike artificial tears, this type of eye drops actually help in the production of tears. In turn, these tears help the eyes in keeping it moisturized and prevent further infections.
  • Autologous blood serum drops. They sound scary because they can actually be scary. This type of eye drops is actually derived from the patient’s own blood. However, they’re only used if the previous types of eye drops do not work on the dry eyes. Blood serum drops and not bloody at all because after the extraction of the patient’s blood, the red blood cells are actually removed and salt solution is added to what remains of the extraction.