Is Laser Cataract Surgery More Expensive Than Using A Scalpel?

Technology has provided us with so many options all over the years. This is especially true when talking about medical technology. There are now alternative and more advanced ways of doing surgery. In fact, there are now some robots that are capable of doing precise incisions and stitches on human skin and organs. There are also laser treatments that can solve many issues like cataracts. While it is generally true that more advanced techniques and machines are considered to be more expensive than the traditional way of surgery, there are a lot of benefits that we can get from them especially precision and speed.

Cataracts are probably the leading eye issue all over the world. A lot of people acquire this condition especially when they get older. Most of the times, the people who get cataracts are those who do not really live a healthy life. The good news is that cataract surgery is very easy. The total time of surgery will only take you about ten minutes. After all, they just have to remove the film on the surface of your eyes. You have to understand that this surgery is only the basic surgery. This means that the doctors will not correct your vision if you are near or far sighted because that is another kind of surgery altogether.

Technology has given us laser cataract surgery. Instead of using a scalpel to break up the cataract film, the laser will do it. The cuts will be faster, and more precise. Unlike traditional surgery where the doctor will have to do the cutting little by little to avoid surface damage on the eyes, the laser will analyze everything first including the thickness and depth of the cut and the range. Just like tradition surgery, laser cataract surgery will require no stitches. However, your eyes will recover faster since there is no possible damage that can be done during the surgery.

Generally cataract surgery will cost about 1,000 to 6,000 US dollars. The highest price will involve lasers and basic eye correction which means that you don’t have to wear glasses anymore. The cheapest price is traditional surgery, without any more improvements. In other words, the price will depend on the additional stuff that you want done aside from the cataract removal itself. On a personal note, going for a more expensive, but definitely beneficial surgery will give your eye the best kind of care. After all, this is health we are talking about.