Cataract Symptoms You May Experience As You Age

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If there is one thing that you need to know about cataract, that is it gradually worsens overage. This is a condition where the lens becomes clouded and people who have them would experience seeing images through cloudy lenses.

It is similar as though you are looking at a frosted window. In some common cataract symptoms, you will know that you have cataract when you find it hard to read or when you suddenly see the lights glaring at you and even start to halos when looking into the light. Cataracts tend to develop slowly and usually, they don’t affect the eyesight, but if left untreated then it could go worse.

What Type Of Symptoms You Could Expect With Cataract?
In some cases a mild cataract can be corrected with a pair of prescription glasses. However, if your vision is heavily impaired with cataract and this affects your daily activity, then you should highly consider getting rid of it through surgery.

The common cataract symptoms would include having difficulty when it comes to seeing at night, needing brighter amounts of light when reading, being more sensitive when it comes to glares, seeing fading or yellowish tints on colors, seeing halos around the lights, and even having a single eye or double vision.

Sometimes you can see the cloudiness in your eyesight but in some cases, you may not even notice it because it only affects a small portion of your vision. This is why it can be very challenging to find out if you are in the early stages of cataract owing to how subtle it can form.

Why You Should See Your Eye Doctor For This Condition?
In order to prevent cataract at its early stages, you may need the help of your eye doctor and you can only do this when you have your eyes checked regularly. This is because regular check-ups can monitor the health of your eyes and symptoms can then be detected when there are certain changes to your eye health,

In its early stages, there is still a lot you can do to prolong the effects of cataract and that may include using eye drops, eating healthier foods, and even changing your lifestyle. A lot of what you eat and the activities that you are doing affect your eye health which is why it matters that you know how you can slowly adjust your lifestyle into a more fitting one that can also improve your overall health.

Are there any diet and lifestyle measures you can take for general eye health?

Yes there is. Apart from good diet and exercise, probiotics such as Symprove have been found to be extremely beneficial for gut health. Leaky gut is a term used to describe the condition where unwanted particles from gut are able to penetrate through the natural barrier lining the intestines. This allows unwanted particles into circulation which cause an inflammatory response. Inflammation is a high risk factor for many conditions including glaucoma and poor eye health.


Cataract Eye Drops Reviews Say That Can-C Really Works

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You might have heard about eye drops that can cure cataracts and you feel like this is too good to be true. Although it is true that there are countless studies ongoing to find out the best formula for eye drops to cure cataracts, there is still more to know how they impact the eye condition. If you live to be around 80, your chances of having cataracts are high and this is actually one of the main causes of blindness all over the world.

Cataracts come with aging and it is also among the most prominent vision problems for millions of people all around the world. There have been studies that show the body is capable of producing natural chemicals that can actually unclouded the effect of cataracts. This potentially changes the way that people view cataracts and also there will be a lesser need for surgeries. It can help when you check out cataract eye drops reviews to see what these new eye drops can offer

Why You Would Need To Check Up On Reviews?
When you look up cataract eye drops reviews you get to know about the eye drops and what they are able to accomplish. Even though they may not give the exact effect that you are hoping for, it will still be beneficial for you to learn about what are the experiences of other users once they have used the products.

The cells that are present in the eyes would migrate from the outer region that is located on the lens and then moves into the center. This causes the cells to stretch and they eventually break down and then disappear. This is what clouds the vision and it can help for you to know that the cells locate in the outer rim of the eyes are young, while those in the center are the older ones.

The Possibility Of Cataract Eye Drops To Help The Condition
Overall it is not impossible to find eye drops that can help cure cataract, even though it may not be fully available now, there are studies that are ongoing and there are also eye drops that can have positive effects on some people. You don’t have to be worried about trying them out since you will never know if they will have a significant effect on you.

Cataract is non-reversible when you get it which is why you need to make sure to watch out for early symptoms so that you can still use eye drops and other related medication and treatment before the condition becomes worse.

Cataract Surgery

Afraid Of Cataract Surgery? Maybe You Should Try Can-C First

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As one grew older, they had the tendency to have poor health conditions. It can be something about their joints or something about their memory. Mostly, elders have the tendency to have a poorer eyesight. They can get cataracts in their eyes. This will make their vision a little more blurry than the usual.

Cataracts in the eyes
People that have cataracts usually see a white filter in their eyesight. This will eventually be white and they cannot see anymore. To treat their eyes, they have several ways to take care of it. One can do the surgery for the eyes.

Surgery for removing cataracts can be very risky. It may result in complications if the surgery isn’t handled very well. This will also cause more problems than having the cataract itself. Also, for people who are suffering from cataracts cannot always afford the surgery. There are other ways to treat cataracts.

Eye drops for the treatment
Some people use eye drops for treating their cataracts. An example of this is Can-C. it is known for its ability to slow down the condition of having cataracts. The testimonials from the users are very convincing and very honest. The treatment with it is not quick, unlike the surgery. It takes time to take effect.

Most people buy Can-C to start slowing down their cataracts. When you buy Can-C, you can also use it other than treating cataracts. It is also known for treating eye conditions. These eye conditions are somehow mild and easy to treat with the Can-C.

  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Eye strain
  • Ocular inflammation
  • Retinal diseases
  • Contact lens lubrication

These are the few conditions and situations wherein Can-C can be used. Its effects are great for those who are suffering under these conditions.

Surgery or eye drops?
Surgery can be risky in terms of giving your eye a treatment. The surgery might not do well or it is not for you. It may set your wallet on fire because of the bills. Using eye drops can do the trick but at a very slow pace. The eye drops can be very slow in terms of giving results. However, it is guaranteed to give better results and great treatment to the eye.

If you want to have a safer route, you can try using eye drops. You better check different eye drops if one is not suited for you. There is always an option to everything.

Eye Drops

Are All Eye Drops Basically The Same?

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Taking care of the eyes is as important as caring for the rest of the body. The eyes are fundamental to all our activities and it’s very difficult to function without them. Therefore, caring for the eyes is synonymous with caring for the entire body and for the future experiences that you’re about to have.

There are many ways to care for, protect, and maintain eye health. It’s important that the eyes do not get exposed to too much ultraviolet rays coming from the sun, thus the use of sunglasses. Also, people may want to lessen screen time because too much exposure to the radiation coming from electronic devices can contribute to eye damage. And of course, there’s the recommendation of having a proper and healthy diet that involves incorporating eye-friendly vegetables in meals.

Eye Drops and What They Do?
While there are many tips and recommendations on how to care for the eyes, there are also products used to maintain eye health. Eye drops are one of the many medications available for people with eye issues and they’re usually used for symptoms of dry eyes. But did you know that there’s not only one kind of it? It’s fascinating to know that not all eye drops are the same in the way they work and what they’re supposed to do.

  • Artificial tears. These kinds of eye drops are the most common and widely available in the market. It can be purchased online and even over the counter. Essentially, they work like tears which function to keep the eyes moisturized and ease the pain brought by dry eyes.
  • The eyes are prone to many infections because they’re open for the most part (unless the eyelids blink, of course). Cyclosporine helps in treating the infections responsible for causing dry eyes. Unlike artificial tears, this type of eye drops actually help in the production of tears. In turn, these tears help the eyes in keeping it moisturized and prevent further infections.
  • Autologous blood serum drops. They sound scary because they can actually be scary. This type of eye drops is actually derived from the patient’s own blood. However, they’re only used if the previous types of eye drops do not work on the dry eyes. Blood serum drops and not bloody at all because after the extraction of the patient’s blood, the red blood cells are actually removed and salt solution is added to what remains of the extraction.

Is Laser Cataract Surgery More Expensive Than Using A Scalpel?

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Technology has provided us with so many options all over the years. This is especially true when talking about medical technology. There are now alternative and more advanced ways of doing surgery. In fact, there are now some robots that are capable of doing precise incisions and stitches on human skin and organs. There are also laser treatments that can solve many issues like cataracts. While it is generally true that more advanced techniques and machines are considered to be more expensive than the traditional way of surgery, there are a lot of benefits that we can get from them especially precision and speed.

Cataracts are probably the leading eye issue all over the world. A lot of people acquire this condition especially when they get older. Most of the times, the people who get cataracts are those who do not really live a healthy life. The good news is that cataract surgery is very easy. The total time of surgery will only take you about ten minutes. After all, they just have to remove the film on the surface of your eyes. You have to understand that this surgery is only the basic surgery. This means that the doctors will not correct your vision if you are near or far sighted because that is another kind of surgery altogether.

Technology has given us laser cataract surgery. Instead of using a scalpel to break up the cataract film, the laser will do it. The cuts will be faster, and more precise. Unlike traditional surgery where the doctor will have to do the cutting little by little to avoid surface damage on the eyes, the laser will analyze everything first including the thickness and depth of the cut and the range. Just like tradition surgery, laser cataract surgery will require no stitches. However, your eyes will recover faster since there is no possible damage that can be done during the surgery.

Generally cataract surgery will cost about 1,000 to 6,000 US dollars. The highest price will involve lasers and basic eye correction which means that you don’t have to wear glasses anymore. The cheapest price is traditional surgery, without any more improvements. In other words, the price will depend on the additional stuff that you want done aside from the cataract removal itself. On a personal note, going for a more expensive, but definitely beneficial surgery will give your eye the best kind of care. After all, this is health we are talking about.


Can You Really Prevent Cataracts From Developing?

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Cataract is something that people can potentially experience with old age, and the terrible part about that is the condition is non-reversible. One thing that you can do would be to know how to prevent cataracts effectively in order to not experience the worst of them as you age. There are no specific treatments yet that can help prevent cataracts, however, there are still ways that you can reduce the risk of contracting one.


You have to know that a cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens and this can impair one’s vision. Around 22 million people in the US at the age of 40 are affected by cataract and by the time they reach the age 80, almost more than half of the US citizens have cataracts. In a worldwide study, more people experience cataracts than macular degeneration, glaucoma or even diabetic retinopathy.

How You Can Possible Prevent Getting Cataract?
It is possible to find effective ways on how to prevent cataracts. Even if you find treatments online that do not work for you, you need to now that there are still other ways that can help you prevent or even slow down the development of cataract.

If you can always go to your eye doctor regularly. This goes both ways even if you have perfect vision, you still need to make sure that you schedule yearly eye exams. This is because having routine visits to the eye doctor helps them examine your eyes and also look for potential signs of cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma and other eye disorders. If your doctor can spot early detection, then you can potentially save your eyesight.

Another important thing that you need to do is to have a healthy and nutrient filled diet. This is because you will need all the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that you can get to prevent cataract. If you eat a lot of yellow and leafy vegetables, then you have an 18% lower chance of encountering cataracts because of the amount of zeaxanthin and lutein that is present. It is also important that you have omega-3 fatty acids in your system that can help in shielding the eyes from cataract growth.

You should also consider quitting smoking since cigarettes themselves pose a lot of risks for the health. Even if you think that smoking can only affect the lungs, they can also be very dangerous to your eye health. You can actually increase the chances of you developing cataracts with your bad smoking habits.

What about Age-Related Macular Degeneration ?

Sometimes blurry vision is not only attributed to cataracts. Macular Degeneration or AMD can be the cause of your blurry vision or lack of vision in the center field. After alot of research into this condition, we have found that an easy to obtain over the counter product called melatonin zn se, has been proven effective for AMD. We welcome your feedback about this product.


Is It Hard To Get Used To Wearing Trifocals?

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Trifocal lenses also known as trifocals are eyeglasses that offer improvement for in close proximity to and distant vision, but also helps facilitate a person to see evidently at a transitional echelon of about the length of one’s arm.

These trifocals assist and correct the intermediate zone by featuring a second small lens section directly on top of the region used to correct near visualization. It results in an entirety of three power zones, so it is called “trifocal”. This intermediate section permits the person wearing it to see things clearly in the desktop or the features on the phone even its a small phone. The trifocal lenses as well have a visible outline on the lenses.

Your first priority must be a personal meeting with a qualified optometrist. Each of us is distinctive, and our eyes and ocular lives are also only one of its kind. That is why good eye doctors will help to understand your personal needs.

The doctor always asks a few questions about your personal interests or other stuff to know what kind of routine you have every day. An accurate vision testing plays an extraordinary role in making trifocal lenses work flawlessly. The doctor usually makes sure that the eyes are individually measured and it also checks that binocular vision is also tested to conclude the required lens power. Only by undertaking this can the appropriate reading and distance capacity are resolute. Specific fit of dimensions is also compulsory.

Give It a Time to Get Used To
The rate of triumph for current progressive lenses is tremendously soaring. Nonetheless, it is imperative that the people who wear them take time to get used to their novel trifocals. The eye and the brain have to be trained to fiddle with the different refractive powers of the lenses they are wearing- it’s not easy at first but you need them so the wearer must try so that they can continue wearing them.

It is hard to get used to at first, but you must try. They must be kept on, yes you have to keep them on so you may get used to them immediately. If you are not using them often your eyes may suffer more. A gradual approach is not really recommended- it does not help the eyes. Try to move your head so that the eyes can see all the views, by this your eyes can adjust immediately. Position your glasses correctly, it sounds so cliché but it helps, if your glasses are positioned correctly it makes your eyes comfortable. And be patient, glasses are way better than surgeries.