Ten Best Home Renovations For The Money

Ten Best Home Renovations For The Money

A home is a primary investment for every property owner. It is vital that every time you spend a dime on your home improvement it is placed in the right place. Every penny you spend on your home directly adds value to your property. That’s why it’s important to chose a professional to do the work for you if you are not certain you can do it by yourself. This Renovation in NYC would be a good place to start. It is therefore important to keep at the back of your mind to do it right, don’t overdo it and pay a reasonable amount to do it right. It is important to ask yourself, “How will I get my money back when I sell my home?” or “which improvements will double my home value when I undertake them?”

This is an expert guide on Ten Best Home Renovations for the Money:

  1. Remodel the Kitchen

The kitchen is always the king for many. Remodeling your kitchen gives it an instant improved value. Upgrading the cabinetry, kitchen floors and appliances to a more modern standard will bring back value for the money spent. Most people view the kitchen as the home center, and minor renovation adds lots of value to the entire house.

  1. Replacing Your Front Door
    The front door and the back door provide security to your home, the doors also give your home a first impression. Replacing these doors will not only improve on your security, but will also transform your house looks at feel.
  2. Roofing


Roofing is an expensive venture, depending on the material and fixtures you are planning to undertake. However, when you do roofing today, and a home-valuer comes in, the home value will almost double instantly.

  1. Deck and Patio Additions

People love outdoor living spaces, especially the spacious and decks. One of the main reasons why a family would love to have a front door patio and decks is that it expands their living space at minimal costs per foot.

  1. New Garage Door

Garage doors replacement may not be cheap, but the value it adds to your home is impressive. They add home curb appeal and add to the general security to your car and other property. It is always a priority that one improves the garage door while planning to sell because the buyer will always consider this.

6. Create Space


Creating space in your home means being creative. It can involve removing kitchen island or any non-structural wall. People love extra spaces in the houses and creating more space means adding value to your home. You can decide to create a wide open floor plan.

7. Prune, Limb, and Landscape

Your garden creates the first impression to your visitors. There a lot you can do to improve on your home value by doing outdoor improvements. Improving on your garden and outdoor living space has the potential to triple your home value. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or spend a lot of money. The best approach is to do it gradually over an extended period. You can do the landscaping, clear the bushes, and give your gardens a new fresh look.

8. Paint the Interior

Painting is one of the quickest shortcuts to instantly upgrade your home without necessarily spending lots of money and time. By adding color to a room, you give it a new look and impression. Painting makes your rooms clean, bright and accommodating. Painting can be done both interior and exterior parts of the house.

9. Boost the Bathroom

Transforming the bathroom also adds value to your expenditure. Re-gout the shower, installs new fixtures, paint it and add some crown bolding to liven the room. Wallpapers specifically are some good ways to uplift the bathrooms. You don’t have to spend a lot in the bathroom, but a few fixtures will double the value.

10. Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

Great lighting makes a huge difference. By lighting, it should mean both indoors and outdoors lighting. Lighting makes a room come from gloomy to soothing and cozy.

Anyone looking forward to spend some money needs to consider these Ten Best Home Renovations For The Money. You don’t have to do it once, but you need to consider each of these options, one after the other. These ten home improvement tips will double or triple your home value over time, giving you value back for money spent, whether you are planning to sell your home or want to live in it forever.




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Clean the apartment for new tenants – eco tips

Clean the apartment for new tenants – eco tips

Good old subtenants decided to move out, and well, don’t blame them it’s not theirs, they left messy rooms afterleaving. Your job now is to quickly and more important cheaply clean the space for new tenants, and here you will find some useful informations on how to do so. When you plan to clean any space or room, it is not neccessary that you have to spend a fortune on chemicals, perhaps, most of those chemicals are made of ingredients that you already have in your house.apartment-interior-design-where-oldness-mixed-with-modernism-1-jpeg-photo-01

If there is unpleasant smell that comes from refridgerator, put a bowl with soda bicarbonate inside for couple of hours, and it will suck out all the smell. Do the same for the garbage can. If there are dishes to wash and get ready for new tenants, but there is no dishwasher, you can add soda in water and clean all that grease on the pans and pots, and your hands will stay safe from chemical harm.

Spread soda all over the carpets before you vac them, leave it for half hour, and than use your hoover. All the bad smell will go out with soda. Use the same method for spots that were used by pets, those can be smelly too.
Soda makes the water softer, and also cleans the scale, so instead od chemical products, just spread some soda all over the toilet, and after couple of hours repeat the action, but add some vinegar too. There will clean_apartmentcome to sort of chemical reaction but don’t worry it is not dangerous and it will not explode. If there is mold under the edgres of toilet, mix some soda and vinegar and using wool smear it on moldy spots and leave it to react for couple of hours. It will do the same as the expensive chemical products, but this domestic cleanser is not environmentally dangerous. Use soda and few drops of lemon juice to clean bathtub, sink, and tiles in bathroom.
lemon-juice-cleaningLemon juice is just made for diferent cleaning and removal of unpleasant smells in the kitchen, just like it removes the smell of onion and fish from your hands. To make universal cleanser just squeeze one lemon and add it to one litre of water inside the bottle with a pipe on it. Beside cleaning functions, lemon juice successifully removes the scale from kitchen surfaces and dishes. For prevention of appearance of scale, use lemon juice or even lemon slice itself to spread it on the metal faucets. You can refresh the microwave using lemon juice, just put the bowl with water and lemon juice inside and turn it on for couple minutes.
Alcoholic or apple vinegar can be used to clean kitchen surfaces, fat deposits on kitchen furniture, just everything. Vinegar is not as smelly as lemon juice, so you can try pouring some etheric oil drops inside, perhaps lavender or something you find appropriate for you, or whatever you already have in the house. Windows and glass surfaces can be cleaned very well by using bottle with pump that is filled with water and one deciliter of alcoholic vinegar.

Clean apartment is also one of the most important thing when you are about to rent it, so don’t let your potential tenants walk away only because you were lazy to do the above written, because it is all up to you, since you have found here that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on chemicals.

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Anteroom -apartments bussiness card

Anteroom -apartments bussiness card

Entrance space, or anteroom, is often neglected despite of fact that it is the first room that people come in when step into your apartment. If you are about to rent your apartment, you can invest some small amount of money in renewing the anteroom, and that will surely be attractrive to possible sub tenants when they come to check your realty. So, how to improve the anteroom to make it not just functional, but comfortable and pleasant too? Here are some ideas.

If you consider that people enters in anteroom in dirty footwear, and often there is hanger for jackets and umbrellas which can be wet, there Ante5-500x500should definitely provide resistant floor, and the maintanance should be facilitated. Easy maintaned floors are those made of PVC materials, and also made from ceramic tiles, but their cold look shoul be soften by small carpet. Anyway, you should pick the material that is highly resistant to rooms with big traffic rate. Good impression will be left is the walls are painted in bright colors, because dark color only makes the space look more small than it is. If you harmonize well all, walls, furniture and the floor, and also provide good lightning, oridinary anteroom will become an interesting and comfortable space.

How to make the most of the space
Even if the anteroom is small, it is possible to use the entire space, for instance, you can insert the built in cabin in the corner, and combine it with the hanger and large mirror on the doors. When it is about light, you can extend the upper side of the cabin for a few inches and put some built in light bulbs, so standing in front of the mirror will become very bright and functional, ladies will be delighted. If you are not in the mood to ake such lightning, just make sure that the light is on the center position on the ceiling, so the light spreads equaly in whole space.img_top_visual08

Anterooms must have No matter how small it is, every anteroom must have some initial things. Mirror, shoehorn, clothes brush, shoe creme and key disposal. There should also be a notebook, or stickers for leaving messages to roommates. It would be great to find a spot for umbrella stand, no one likes water all around the floor, because many people won’t leave it outside the front door.If the space is large ebough, you can put some chairs, club table, lamp or a flower vase, which will make the space look more elegant.

What about shoes disposal
When choosing the equipment for anteroom, it is always the problem about shoes disposal closet. Looks like whatever type you choose, it will be small at the end, and not functional as it should be. But, usually, the shoe closet is not the disposal for all shoes in the home, because outseason shoes are usually taken away to basement, pantry or wardrobe. Standard shoe closet, with doors that open or slide, is equiped with adaptable shelfs, whoch allows to dispose deep and shallow footwear. If the closet is lower one, it can be used as the seat when you tie shoelaces.Hotel-Anteroom-Kyoto-Photo-by-Jonathan-Savoie-07_2048

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